Mindful Wellbeing Programme


Join accredited Mindfulness teacher Shalini Bhalla-Lucas on  her proven Mindful Wellbeing 10-step Programme to lead a happier, more mindful life.




These 10 steps will enable you to Show Up when it’s necessary, to Speak Your Truth when you think you can’t, and to Stand in Your Power so that you live this one, precious life that you have, in the best possible way.

  • 5 simple, easy-to-digest modules
  • 2 effective and practical techniques in each module
  • Bonus Modules – lots of interesting and useful information at your finger-tips – for when you want/need it
  • Learn with the help of videoclips, audioclips and downloadable info sheets
  • Online Theory and Practical Modules
  • Access to resources for 1 year

Join Shalini as she takes you through these 10 steps – the hope is that you will never look back – but rather look forward to living this wonderful gift of a life that we have.