My Book & Me


My Book & Me

A 12-week Zoom programme that will take you from Pen to Published




With this fantastic, ground-breaking programme you will be able to get your ideas down on paper and published online on Amazon in TWELVE weeks. The programme will keep you focused and accountable – which is what you need when you want to write and publish a book.

This is a practical programme. You will be expected to do the work – but at the end of the 12-week programme you will have a published book*.

Every week you will be required to join me on a Zoom call that will last 1.5 hours – including a talk from me explaining what you need to do that week, time to do some tasks and a Q&A session. Over the programme you will also have one BONUS private session with me lasting 60mins – where I will look at your work and answer any specific questions you may have.

*This will be a non-fiction book/memoir of about 20,000 – 30,000 words

What will the twelve weeks cover?
Week 1 – Finding Your Voice and Speaking Your Truth

Week 2 – Timelines and Structuring Your Book

Week 3 – Writing – The Beginning

Week 4 – Writing – The Middle

Week 5 – Writing – The Middle

Week 6 – Writing – The Middle

Week 7 – Writing – The End

Week 8 – The Bits In-between

Week 9 – The Extra Bits (Front and End Pages)

Week 10 – Copy-editing

Week 11 – Book Cover Design and Formatting

Week 12 – Self-publishing Your Book on Amazon

BONUS 1 – One Private 60-minute Session

BONUS 2 – Marketing Your Book Zoom Session