Music in Just Jhoom! Classes

Music can make or break a dance-fitness class. So, at Just Jhoom! we take a lot of time and care over the songs we use. During the Instructor Training programme we spend quite a lot of time listening to music, analysing the structure and choreographing moves to suitable songs. Although we cannot give Just Jhoomers the music (for legal and More →

My motivation and inspiration behind Just Jhoom!

Picture the setting. A studio, mirrors on one wall, a sound system playing the track Om Shanti Om whilst ten females concentrate on their dance moves, keeping to the words of the song. Was your first thought: “a dance studio, ten dancers, barefoot, performing a classical Indian piece of invocation”? Or was it: “a fitness studio, ten women – all More →

Bollywood music for dance-fitness

Music is such a subjective thing! Some of the stuff I listen to my friends can’t stand – and vice versa! So, when it comes to choosing music for Just Jhoom! dance-fitness classes – I can honestly say it is a daunting task! Imagine a room full of women – and the occasional man – all from various backgrounds, a More →