Radical Remission

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The Doctor has just given you a diagnosis. It is “cancer”. Just the word alone fills your mind and your body and your heart  with fear.

And we all know that cancer treatment can be gruelling.

So, how can you help yourself overcome what will be one of the toughest times of your life? By embarking on a healing journey to allow your body to heal and build up your immunity.

Using a variety of healing modalities, I create a bespoke package for each person that I work with. Working together with doctors, therapists and other practitioners, I provide a complementary healing service that allows you to heal your mind, body and spirit that will give you that chance to overcome cancer and live a life of health and vitality.

The Radical Remission programme is specifically for those clients who have cancer. Over 12 weeks we will adopt 10 different aspects that have been proven to help cancer patients.

I will supplement this with energy healing modalities and mindfulness coaching.

Each week includes a 1-hour coaching consultation and a 1-hour energy healing session, done face-to-face or distance healing, and mindfulness and meditation coaching.

12-week programme  KSHS  150,000/-
($1025 / £830)

Slots now available from April 2024

This programme is also suitable with those of you who have been diagnosed with other chronic illnesses, chronic pain, autoimmune disease and stress-related or lifestyle related diseases.

See more information about the Radical Remission project HERE.