Happiness! Is It Simply A Mindset Shift?

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What is the meaning of life?

According to the Dalai Lama, the meaning of life is Happiness!

But what makes true happiness? Is it the achievement of fame, fortune and status? Or is it the human connection, compassion and creativity that we nurture in our lives?

Award-winning author, dancer and entrepreneur Shalini’s world was completely blown apart when her beautiful, kind husband Jeremy died from cancer. Such was her devastation that she never thought she would be happy again. And, even when she began to emerge from her deep grief, she realised that she had forgotten how to be happy.

Happiness! Is It Simply A Mindset Shift? is Shalini’s third book and in it she shares the 10 simple yet hugely effective techniques that she has adopted to cultivate happiness, compassion and resilience into her busy, daily life.

Above all it is a testament to the power of changing one’s mindset to live a more joyful, meaningful and mindful life – something that we all want and can definitely have.

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Cover Design: Angela Basker
Cover Photograph: © 2018, Sian Tyrrell
Photograph Model: Shalini Bhalla-Lucas