Events with Shalini Bhalla-Lucas

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Shalini is a confident, engaging speaker – who draws the audience in – no matter what their age.

She uses storytelling and dance to draw on her life experiences – talking about subjects as varied as women’s empowerment, happiness and wellbeing, bereavement and grief, mental health, mindfulness, entrepreneurship, Indian culture and dance.

  • After Dinner Speeches
  • Presentations at Shows
  • University Guest Lecturer
  • Training Events
  • Women Empowerment Conferences

As well as speaking as an After Dinner Speaker and for Luncheon Clubs, Shalini has spoken at Houses of Parliament to MPs about wellbeing and resilience to Mental Health problems as well as on a roundtable discussion for the Huff Post and at the IAPT Therapist Convention. She is regularly invited to speak on podcasts for mental health, bereavement and spirituality and for charities such as MIND and Cruse Bereavement. She is a sought after speaker for women’s groups – as she talks about Women’s Empowerment, Women in Business and other issues affecting women.

If you would like Shalini to speak at your event, run a Just Jhoom! Bollywood dance workshop, deliver a Mindfulness and Meditation workshop, Happiness and Wellbeing session or attend any of her classes, please email us.