Grief and Creativity

Creative expressions like art, writing, and music have been powerful outlets for individuals coping with grief. If you are grieving for a loved one, finding a creative activity may help you cope with that grief. I found much comfort in dance and writing when my husband Jeremy passed away. I penned my Amazon bestselling memoir Always With You when I More →

Grieving A Celebrity Death

Why do we grieve a famous person when they die – even though we don’t know them persoanlly? The recent death of Matthew Perry really brought this question to the forefront with many of my clients. It’s important to remember that when a famous person dies, the public response to grief is often complex and multifaceted. People may feel a More →

First Spinal Energetics Practitioner in Africa

Spinal Energetics came on to my radar earlier this year via social media. And what I saw blew me away. Here was a modality that looked amazing and seemed to be getting fantastic results in releasing trapped resistance, tension and trauma in people’s bodies. Developed in Australia by chiropractor and counsellor Dr Sarah Jane, Spinal Energetics combines Eastern and Western More →