Testimonial by Healing Client Amy

Working with Shalini on the Radical Remission programme has been a wonderful experience for me. When I reached out to her, I was a shrunken shadow of myself; devastated, disenchanted, exhausted and in a very fearful and dark place.

It was great to have Shalini’s calm listening ear while I was in the eye of my storm.

Over the weeks of the program I had the opportunity to scrutinize different areas of my life and acquired the tools to regain control of my situation. I learnt a lot about myself and ways in which I was giving away my power and using various techniques, released plenty of emotions I did not know I was suppressing and love myself better.

I set goals that I achieved and continue to achieve thanks to Shalini’s guidance, resourcefulness and accountability nudge. I feel so much better – inside and out, with every passing day because of the lessons I learned on the programme on living more intentionally!

I would recommend this programme – It is life changing!