My A to Z Journal

One of the tools I use with my healing clients has been journalling. Such a simple yet powerful tool. The insights one gets from journalling can be profound and lead to much introspection and then change. Also, just being able to offload thoughts and emotions on to paper can be very cathartic and help process complex feelings.

However, free writing is not for everyone. Many of my clients need journalling prompts. And so I have created this new A to Z Journal – one prompt for every week of the year and with different topics including Anxiety to Gratitude, Health to Mindfulness, Personal Growth to Zen Moments.

Currently it is available on Amazon all over the world. Visit this link to buy your copy today!

Even 2-3 minutes of journalling a day can have significant health benefits. If you aren’t sure where to start, then this journal is perfect for you.

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