The Hidden Perils of Noise: A Holistic Healer’s Tale

Today I want to share a personal tale that speaks to the often-overlooked detriments of noise, especially from the perspective of someone who thrives on peace and tranquillity. As a holistic healer, my world is built on the foundations of calmness, stillness, and the gentle hum of nature’s melody. Yet, my current living situation is anything but tranquil. Picture this: More →

Confronting Spiritual Bypassing: Integrating Spiritual Practice with Social Awareness

As a holistic healer, I advocate for integrating spiritual practices with everyday life, emphasizing authenticity in our spiritual journeys. A crucial aspect of this discussion is recognizing and addressing “spiritual bypassing” – the tendency to use spirituality to avoid confronting real-world issues and emotions. Recently, this issue came to light during my attendance at the “Future of Power for Enlightened More →

Navigating the Thin Line Between Self-Care and Selfishness

In the pursuit of personal growth and well-being, the concept of self-care has gained significant traction in recent times. It’s become a buzzword in today’s fast-paced world, often associated with practices like healing, meditation and exercise, as well as pamper days and time taken for individual hobbies and leisure pursuits. However, amidst this trend, a pertinent question seems to arise More →

Grief and Creativity

Creative expressions like art, writing, and music have been powerful outlets for individuals coping with grief. If you are grieving for a loved one, finding a creative activity may help you cope with that grief. I found much comfort in dance and writing when my husband Jeremy passed away. I penned my Amazon bestselling memoir Always With You when I More →

Grieving A Celebrity Death

Why do we grieve a famous person when they die – even though we don’t know them persoanlly? The recent death of Matthew Perry really brought this question to the forefront with many of my clients. It’s important to remember that when a famous person dies, the public response to grief is often complex and multifaceted. People may feel a More →