Grief and Creativity

Creative expressions like art, writing, and music have been powerful outlets for individuals coping with grief. If you are grieving for a loved one, finding a creative activity may help you cope with that grief. I found much comfort in dance and writing when my husband Jeremy passed away. I penned my Amazon bestselling memoir Always With You when I More →

Grieving A Celebrity Death

Why do we grieve a famous person when they die – even though we don’t know them persoanlly? The recent death of Matthew Perry really brought this question to the forefront with many of my clients. It’s important to remember that when a famous person dies, the public response to grief is often complex and multifaceted. People may feel a More →

It’s OK Not To Be Ok!!?? Really??

An Overused, Unhelpful Cliché That We Need to Stop Using! The phrase “It’s okay not to be okay” is a popular mental health slogan that gained prominence in recent years. Whilst I was in the UK in the 90s and early 2000s, it was a phrase that was bandied around by the mental health awareness movement, which sought to reduce More →

The Healing Power of Mindfulness

Fear causes pain. Emotional, mental, spiritual and of course physical pain. That is because fear is a hugely powerful emotion that we all feel at different times in various degrees. In today’s world, many things may cause fear in your bodies – sometimes subconsciously. You don’t even realise that your mind and body are reacting to the word and the More →