Energy Healing and Advanced Integrative Therapy

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Energy Healing (Pranic Healing & Spinal Energetics)

These are two powerful forms of energy healing that remove blockages in the energy field, spine and chakras to release trauma and tension, restoring balance and promoting physical, emotional and mental health wellbeing. I combine both modalities into one session to give you an optimal healing experience.

1st session (90 mins): KES 13,500/-  ($90 / £70)

Follow-up sessions (75 mins): KES 10,000/-  ($70 / £55)

6 sessions: KES 60,000/- ($395 / £315)

All sessions can be done face-to-face (Nairobi) or on Zoom from anywhere in the world.
Healing for children (ages 12 – 16) is charged at KES 6000/- per 45-minute session, face-to-face. An adult must be present at all times.

Advanced Integrative Therapy

This is such an amazing technique, combining talk therapy and energy work to help individuals process and release traumatic memories stored in the body and mind, facilitating comprehensive healing on multiple levels and reducing the long-term impact of trauma. Definitely one of the most profound modalities I offer. If you want to do the work to deal with your grief, anger, sadness and trauma going back years, this is the modality for you.

1st session (120 mins): KES 15,500/-  ($105 / £85)

Follow-up sessions (120 mins): KES 13,500/-  ($90 / £70)

All sessions are done on Zoom from anywhere in the world.
I don’t do AIT for children. You need to be 21+ for me to work with you on AIT.


If you’re ready to take control of your health and start living a happier, more fulfilling life, I invite you to contact me to schedule an Energy Healing session.

I had one session with Shalini, and it was so powerful that I still feel the effects of it a few days after!

I appreciate it very much, the fact that we had a chance to talk in detail before going into the healing room.

Shalini carefully explained to me what to expect, and so when the release of my emotions began, I felt very safe and okay. I believe I ended up processing 17 years of memories from my old house and I’m now ready to create new memories as we just moved recently.

Am grateful. And I do recommend this to anyone who wants to do some deep work on our “unseen” bodies. “The body doesn’t lie” – and here’s a way to listen to it.

Shalini was very supportive for a few days after the session, checking in and following up as the full integration took place.

Am very grateful 🙏🏽