Testimonial by Healing Client Purvi

I decided to go see Shalini for the holistic healing that she does for a number of reasons. I kept getting aches and pains and the doctors could not find anything wrong, I wanted to work through many emotional issues that I was having and I was also in a major transition phase in my life and really needed guidance. I must add here that I am a trained NLP practitioner and have been working my healing, but there were things which were not shifting.

All I have to say, is that I am super glad that I chose Shalini to be my guide and healer for this amazing journey – as it really is a journey. It really was one of the best decisions I made in 2023 – the best investment that I could have made for myself.

She was really easy to talk to and very intuitive. I love that she combines so many healing modalities and also coaching in her approach and her insights into what is happening are uncanny. She is super supportive through the whole journey, but even better than that is that she really holds you accountable, but in a very kind and empathetic way. I also really liked how she would call me out when I was hard on myself and make me see the progress instead of all the things “I had not done”.

What makes her special is how she combines all her years of experience and so many different modalities to ensure that you get the best out of it. And that she always reminds you, that it is you doing the work – she is just helping to facilitate the work required.

She was amazing at identifying the possible reasons for my aches and pains and working through these and using techniques to reduce these aches so that it was then easier to concentrate on dealing with the root cause of the problem.

Her journaling prompts were and still are amazing when I am trying to work out an issue and the journaling really helped me through a very trying stretch that I had while on my journey with her.

Another modality that really stood out for me was AIT – I don’t know how it works, but the results were unbelievable. They helped me clear issues around self esteem, being hard on myself, my relationship with others and I must say, things which were broken seemed to miraculously get fixed.

The journey with her was around 3 months – I also liked that it was over a period of time so that changes really settled in. And I loved the way that she would always check in with me even when our schedules meant we had to postpone sessions.

I completed the journey around 1 month back and since then have had a lot on my plate, but with all the tools that she gave me and empowered me with, I am dealing much much better with everything that life is throwing at me. I am not sure I would have dealt with it so well if I had not gone through the healing journey. And that for me shows that the results of her work are really longterm and not just during the sessions with her.

It really is difficult to put into words how much her healing has changed me and in so many different aspects, but that really is the beauty about how she does what she does. It is so many small changes happening at different levels over the time that you work with her (and it really did not feel like work – she made the process so easy), that sometimes it is only when you are challenged again will you realise the extent to which you have grown, evolved and healed.

Thank you , Thank you, Thank you dearest Shalini for everything.