Mindfulness and Meditation

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Anxiety, stress, exhaustion, depression … these seem to be the norms of living in this fast-paced, frantic, modern world.

Join accredited Mindfulness teacher Shalini Bhalla on this 8-week online course to learn simple, life-changing techniques that will unlock the peace and contentment that is within you to overcome this relentless struggle that seems to epitomize our daily lives.

This Mindfulness and Meditation course follows techniques from the proven Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) programmes but Shalini also shares meditations and activities that she has found particularly useful over the years. This includes Mantra, Metta and Mandala meditations – not part of your typical Mindfulness course!

Quote:Did not really know what to expect, thought that maybe muttering chants, cross-legged – probably not for me! How far I was from the truth. Shalini with her calm voice, understanding, knowledgeable way showed me that mindfulness was literally living in the present moment, being aware of breathing, slowly, in and out, training the mind to ease away from thoughts (good and bad) and entering a transitional stage where the senses are acute, your body relaxed, your mind calm ….quote mark close