Three 3-Minute Daily Practices

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These three 3-minute morning practices are examples of the varied mindfulness techniques we teach to our clients. Each 3-minute practice focuses on a different area – mindful breathing, mindful movement and developing gratitude – helping to align mind, body and spirit.

By building these three techniques into your daily morning routine you’ll start to notice a real change in yourself. You’ll be more focused, much calmer, less stressed, more productive – leading to more success in your personal and professional life. How do I know? Because the techniques work for me – and have worked for hundreds of other people I’ve taught these techniques too. Try them….and let me know how you get on!

Mindful techniques to reduce stress and anxiety

In the next few days, I’ll send you an email with a video introducing you to a simple yet very effective breathing technique which will help you reduce stress and anxiety – a method which is scientifically proven to work.

Quote:Learning mindfulness techniques has been really beneficial for me, certainly made me look at things differently and I have really enjoyed the relaxation of meditation and the calmer, more positive person that I am becoming.


We truly hope you find these life-changing techniques valuable – we’d love to hear how you get on with them. Do comment below or share on social media.

Until next time – Be Mindful, Be Happy!

Shalini and the Just Jhoom! Team

3 Replies to “Three 3-Minute Daily Practices”

  1. Sheena

    I spoke briefly to you last night at West Linton. I enjoyed participating in the class with Alex and you. I wish you happiness , fulfillment and contentment, as you truly deserve it. Safe travels.

    Sheena x

  2. Kathryn Hartwright

    I was introduced to your video clip last year by my sister however I did not continue my 3 minute exercises . I especially need help as suffer from anxiety and depression and do not want to take medication for this. Having just completed my first 9 minute exercises this morning I feel more positive and feel this will really help me. Thank you Shalina and I hope to sign up for the beginners course very soon.

    • Shalini Bhalla

      Thank you Kathryn. I too suffer from anxiety and depression – and it can be debilitating. Too often we reach for pills (which do have their merits) but if we can take steps to helping ourselves with other options (such as these 3 excercises) then over time we will see the benefits.
      However, I know how hard it can be to take the first step (and to keep at it) – which is why these 3 exercises are short – and yet effective.
      Keep at it Kathryn – and remember I’m doing them with you too.


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