Business Closure – FAQs for Just Jhoom! Instructors

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Please find below answers to some of the questions you may have following the news that Just Jhoom! will be closing. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact your Instructor Support, Peta, by emailing Training Enquires.



Can I still teach Just Jhoom!?
Yes you can. Just Jhoom! is a registered trademark until 2020. And I will still hold all rights to the name and any choreography and other IP until then. I am giving you free use until then. Thereafter someone else may want to buy the trademark (but this is highly unlikely).

Can I continue to use the trademarked logo?
Yes you can whilst it is legally registered until July 2020.

Can I change the name of my classes?
Yes. As I am closing Just Jhoom! I see no reason why you can’t change the class to something more generic like Bollywood Dance-Fitness, Bollywood Dance – or whatever you choose. You can still use the Just Jhoom! choreography, moves, routines, steps within these classes. This is my concession to you to help with the closing of the company.

Will I still have access to all the choreography videos?
The old videos on the website will disappear at the end of December 2018 and will no longer be available. Unfortunately we have not found a way to download them for you as they are such old files. However, all the routines on the Vimeo website which will also be available until December 2018 are downloadable and over the next 2-3 months I will be uploading a few more for you to use.

Will my classes still be listed on the Just Jhoom! website?
Yes – until December 2018 when we will be taking some aspects of the website down – including  Thereafter, we will not be listing any classes.

Can I still buy merchandise like T-shirts and DVDs?
Yes you can – until end July 2018. Stocks are now vastly reduced and we are selling what is left at bargain prices. Please contact Peta for details.

Can I still buy flyers and posters?
We are now giving these away to our instructors – all you have to do is pay for P&P. Please contact Peta for details.

Where will I be able to buy sticks and scarves?
We will not be selling these anymore – and if you need to buy any please contact Peta so she can send you details of our suppliers.

Can I still use the promotional images from my training and subsequent videos?
Yes, you are free to use any pictures or videos you have on file and you can also download stock images and videos via this link;

What will happen to the Just Jhoom! Facebook page and the Instructors group page?
These will be shut down at the end of December 2018, together with our Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Will I be able to take any further CPD qualifications?
I can still offer you Junior Jhoom! and Bhangra Jhoom! as an online training course. Contact Peta if you are interested in doing these. These will only be onsale until end July 2018.


If you have more questions or concerns please get in touch by email.