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I love food. I love Indian food. For the past few years, I have been exploring and discovering healthier ways to enjoy it. In collaboration with Just Jhoom! I have developed a series of tasty, wholesome, and easy recipes based on the food I enjoyed growing up and the subsequent culinary adventures I have had during my travels. I have also provided a full nutritional breakdown of all the recipes in the book. Rest assured, flavours are my main priority and I always endeavour to achieve the right balance between taste and healthiness. Moderation, not deprivation! The Cook to Jhoom! book features 30 innovative Indian and Indian-inspired recipes. It is my sincerest hope that you will enjoy, share and pass on my passion for tasty, healthy, and modern Indian food.

Cheeku Bhasin

12 Replies to “Cheeku Bhasin”

  1. Sheena Kaur

    What a great idea!! Always looking for healthier options for our lovely cuisine! Have tried and tested loads of recipes that I would love to share with you! Will email you some of my tried and tested recipes!

    • justjhoom

      Hi Sheena, so good to hear from you. I would love to see some of your recipes and, even better, get you to do a guest post on my website. You will write the whole post (recipe, method, and a nice little backstory), take a couple of pictures and then share it on my website – you will get full credit for it. Who knows, this may even get you started on your own website 🙂 Let me know how that sounds to you.

  2. niniveh

    And I thank you for the tikka recipie, as well as for the word tinglingly 🙂
    I have fond memories of the Mombasa Sports Club, and will forever be in your debt.
    Shine on! 🙂

  3. Ronnie

    Jambo Cheeku,
    Beautiful picture and a great write up. I can’t wait until the book is published!
    Lots of love


  4. varsha

    I just Love the Idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Cheeks all the best and tell me when its out
    I remember eating ur food in that tiny flat we shared in Geneva
    in that freezing cold we (Muns U and I) would eat your tasty vegetarian food and i would
    think wow even veggie food is good………..
    Anyway girl lemme know how it all goes and im the first one to buy your copy


    • justjhoom

      Thanks so much Varsha! Yes, so many lovely memories of cooking in that flat on Rue de Paquis in Geneva. By the way, there are chicken, meat and fish dishes in the book too – so definitely something for everyone! Will definitely keep you posted!


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