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Educating youth, empowering communities, encouraging conservation

Jeremy in Samburu

The Jeremy Lucas Education Fund was set up in January 2017 in memory of my beautiful, kind husband Jeremy Lucas who passed away in 2016 after a two-year battle with cancer.

Jeremy loved Samburu – the land, the people, the wildlife.  And, he was embraced by all the people he met there. Just as he had taken Samburu to his heart – the Samburu people had taken him to their hearts.

I am sure that Jeremy would approve of a fund set up in his name – predominantly to give young Samburu children a chance to grow, learn, achieve, succeed and be independent.

It is a legacy that he would be proud of.

Shalini Bhalla-Lucas


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Shalini with JLEF students and Resson from Ewaso Lions.

The Jeremy Lucas Education Fund enables young teenagers in Samburu and Isiolo Kenya to have a secondary and tertiary education. Each year many of the children who complete primary education cannot afford secondary school fees and all the associated costs such as school books and stationery, uniforms and transport to and from school. Donations raised through this fund will now give these young people a chance to further their education. It will go a long way to improving their lives and their futures.

The fund is set up under the Ewaso Lions project. Ewaso Lions works closely with the local communities to ensure that wildlife conservation is part of their everyday lives. Educating young people – the custodians of this wildlife – is a crucial part of our work. Enabling the youth of today to be empowered, inspired and nurtured means they in turn can make informed, educated choices that will benefit them, their families and the wildlife that they live beside.

Download our 2020 report on all the students here: JLEF Student Report.

“This report is amazing, Shivani! Thank you for sending it. I loved seeing the pictures and reading every detail of each student. What brave and hardworking young people. Thank you and your team for giving them the support they need. Thanks to your sister for the Jeremy Lucas Education Fund so that I can be part of France’s life. I am so grateful.”


To donate to the Jeremy Lucas Education Fund please


Quote:I strongly believe in empowering people who have the ability but not the means in education. Knowing you and your work also makes this an easy decision as I know the donation is used exactly for what is said.
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