Mindfulness Courses with Shalini

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Are you living your life fully? Are you living your life as if it matters? Are you exhausted during the day and yet restless and full of worry at night?

Anxiety, stress, exhaustion, depression – these seem to be the norms of living in this fast-paced, frantic modern world. In our search for happiness we continuously look to external forms of gratification and yet all the time the key to happiness – true happiness and a joyful existence – is deep within us.

Meditation and Mindfulness will unlock the peace and contentment that is within you to overcome this relentless struggle that seems to epitomize our daily lives. Meditation is not a religion. Mindfulness is a form of mental training – and with qualities like compassion and acceptance you will learn to pay attention (and live) in the present moment.

Weekly mindfulness sessions are run via ZOOM or you can watch previous sessions HERE.

We also run in-house Mindfulness training for corporates and bespoke courses for groups in Kenya.

Please email us for more information.