Mindfulness for Beginners

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In our search for happiness we continuously look to external forms of gratification and yet all the time the key to happiness – true happiness and a joyful existence – is deep within us.

Join accredited Mindfulness teacher Shalini Bhalla on this 4-week online course to learn simple, life-changing techniques that will unlock the peace and contentment that is within you to overcome this relentless struggle that seems to epitomize our daily lives.

Mindfulness has been quite the buzz word for the last year with many celebrity endorsements and has even been embraced by some politicians and corporations. Even skeptical Daily Telegraph journalist Polly Vernon has been converted, declaring: “I sleep better, I laugh more, I am less prone to compulsive actions!”

But it’s not just for high flying VIPs; anxiety, stress, exhaustion, depression…these seem to be the norms of living in this fast paced, frantic modern world. This new course aims to bring some much needed quiet headspace to your busy, chattering mind. These non religious, scientifically proven techniques will help to promote your general wellbeing and happiness.

Quote:Everyone should take the time to do a course like this – focusing on oneself and learning to calm the mind and the body through mindfulness and meditation.
It brings so much benefit into our hectic everyday lives.