Mindfulness for Beginners Online Course

Suggested Price: £45.00

I really want you to benefit from this course. So, I am giving you the option to select how much you want to pay. No matter which amount you choose, you’ll be getting the same course as everybody else.

The suggested price for the course is £45. The minimum you can pay is £35 and the maximum is £55. So anything between that is OK with me.

I know that you will support me and the course by paying what you can reasonably afford.
A lack of funds should not be the reason you can’t do this transformational course!


Minimum Price: £35.00



Join accredited Mindfulness teacher Shalini Bhalla-Lucas on this 4-week online course to learn simple, life-changing techniques that will unlock the peace and contentment that is within you to overcome this relentless struggle that seems to epitomize our daily lives.

This transformational course aims to bring some much needed quiet headspace to your busy, chattering mind. These non religious, scientifically proven techniques will help to promote your general wellbeing and happiness.