Aspects of Indian Culture Online Course

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This 3-module online course covers such a wide breadth of topics that you will get a wonderful feel and flavour for the country and its people – almost like you’ve taken a trip to India itself!



Perfect for you if you work in schools or teach children Indian or Bollywood dancing – or if you need more information about Indian culture, food, dancing, religion and much, much more.

Module 1 covers the geography, national symbols, language and more.

Module 2 looks at the Bollywood industry (even shows you how to teach a simple dance routine!), and gives you a taster into aspects like food, clothes, rangoli and bindis just to name a few.

Module 3 covers some basics of Hindu religion – the main religion in India – and covers aspects such as festivals, Gods/Goddesses and popular religious stories.

There are also bonus course units full of surprises.