Aspects of Indian Culture Online Course

Suggested Price: £40.00

I really want you to benefit from this course. So, I am giving you the option to select how much you want to pay. No matter which amount you choose, you’ll be getting the same course as everybody else.

The suggested price for the course is £40. The minimum you can pay is £30 and the maximum is £50. So anything between that is OK with me.

I know that you will support me and the course by paying what you can reasonably afford.
A lack of funds should not be the reason you can’t do this amazing course which will give you a wonderful feel and flavour for the country and its people – almost like you’ve taken a trip to India itself!

Minimum Price: £30.00



Perfect for you if you work in schools or teach children Indian or Bollywood dancing – or if you need more information about Indian culture, food, dancing, religion and much, much more.

Module 1 covers the geography, national symbols, language and more.

Module 2 looks at the Bollywood industry (even shows you how to teach a simple dance routine!), and gives you a taster into aspects like food, clothes, rangoli and bindis just to name a few.

Module 3 covers some basics of Hindu religion – the main religion in India – and covers aspects such as festivals, Gods/Goddesses and popular religious stories.

There are also bonus course units full of surprises.