Teach Bollywood Dance online course


Teach Bollywood Dance! by doing these 7 information-packed online modules.

With an effective step-by-step approach – and all the tips and techniques, skills and knowledge you need.



Delivered over 7 Online Modules – you will be learning to Teach Bollywood Dance with the help of videoclips, audioclips and info sheets.

• Time efficient (each module will take a maximum of 1 hour to achieve)
• Cost effective
• Fundamental aspects – Mandatory Modules (the whole course can be completed in 7 – 10 hours – so you are ready to teach immediately! That’s less than if you attended 1 day’s training workshop!)
• Bonus Modules – lots of interesting and useful information at your finger-tips – to dip into when (and if) you want.
• Add Bollywood routines to your current classes (any dance/fitness class)
• Or start new Bollywood dance classes
• NO license fee
• Amazing tips and techniques, skills and knowledge – time-tested and proven in classes again and again
• Empowering, inspiring and highly achievable – YES – YOU can teach Bollywood dance to friends, family and current classes
• Immediate Access to Modules
• Access to resources for 1 year
• Online Multiple Choice quizzes – marked there and then – no waiting!
• No practical assessment