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In these three videos we take you through the basics of a Bollywood dance routine.

In the First Video:

You’ll learn the hand gestures that make Bollywood dancing so unique and some fabulous steps in preparation for a fun, energetic dance routine.

In the Second Video:

We will put the steps we learnt last time, as well as some new steps, in to a fabulous, energetic, fun Bollywood track.

In the Third Video:

You get to learn the whole routine to music and also some tips on how to TEACH it to your friends and family. Check it out – and enjoy Jhooming! (and teaching!)

Now you’ve had a taste of how to Teach Bollywood Dance you’re ready to enrol on to our new Teach Bollywood Dance online training course!  This course will equip you with all the skills you need to teach Bollywood dance in your dance or fitness class or to a group of friends.

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