Teach Bollywood Dance!

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Learn to Teach Bollywood Dance! by doing these 7 information-packed online modules.

With a simple step-by-step approach – and all the tips and techniques, skills and knowledge you need to teach Bollywood routines in your current classes – or set up your own new Bollywood dance classes.

  • 7 Online Theory and Practical Modules
  • 7 Online Bonus Modules
  • 1 Just Jhoom! DVD

Learn with the help of videoclips, audioclips, downloadable info sheets.

  • Time efficient (each module will take a maximum of 1 hour to achieve)
  • Cost effective – one-off cost
  • Fundamental aspects – Mandatory Modules (the whole course can be completed in 7 – 10 hours – so you are ready to teach immediately! That’s less than if you attended 1 day’s training workshop!)
  • Bonus Modules – lots of interesting and useful information at your finger-tips – for you if you want/need it
  • Add Bollywood routines to your current classes (any dance/fitness class)
  • Start new Bollywood dance classes
  • NO license fee
  • Amazing tips and techniques, skills and knowledge – time-tested and proven in classes again and again
  • Empowering, inspiring and highly achievable – YES – YOU can teach Bollywood dance to friends, family and current classes
  • Immediate access to all modules when course content is released – you learn at your own pace
  • Access to resources for 12 months
  • Online Multiple Choice quizzes – marked there and then – no waiting!
  • No practical assessment.

Quote:I’ve been teaching Bollywood dance for nearly 20 years now – and set-up Just Jhoom! over 6 years ago. I know what works – my full classes – and classes of instructors I have trained are testament to that.

I would love to have you on this course.
It’s new, it’s groundbreaking and it is highly do-able and achievable.

This is truly a first!

We’ve never offered this kind of training to anyone who hasn’t signed-up to our Just Jhoom! Instructor training programmes. Our Just Jhoom! Certification Course normally costs £275. Through this training, we are giving you lots of the same amazing tips and techniques, skills and knowledge for a fraction of the price.

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Course Contents

 1) Teach Bollywood Dance 7-Module Online Course

Module 1 – Introduction and Hand Gestures
Learn the hand gestures that make this dance style unique and have a look at some essential information about the Bollywood film industry.

Module 2 – Warm-Up Fundamentals
We show you how to create highly effective and important Bollywood warm-up routines. We have 2 types of warm-up routines – the Mobility that warms you up from the eyes to the tips of your toes – mobilising joints and getting you ready for the session ahead. We then move onto the Pulse Raiser which will get your muscles warmed-up and your heart beat up. And then you are truly ready for the dance routines.

Module 3 – Bollywood Music Revealed
Bollywood music is really interesting – and can be difficult to decipher in the first instance. But, once we explain to you how to source it, structure it, choreograph it in this module – then you will never look back. And we will give you all our techniques, all our secrets as to how we sift through the thousands of Bollywood songs to come up with the gems that make a perfect Bollywood dance routine.

Module 4 – Creating Bollywood Dance Steps
We will teach you some amazing steps – and all the Adaptations, Modifications and Progressions of the step. We also show you how to create your own Bollywood dance steps – so you will never be short of inspiration.

Module 5 – The Choreographic Process
We teach you our 3-step Choreographic Process, enabling you to choreograph a routine – keeping it simple, yet fun – and allowing your class to feel like they are dancing like Bollywood divas and dudes! Really getting a sense of achievement, with passion and lots of fun.

Module 6 – Teaching Techniques
We share with you teaching skills – they are easy to learn and with practice they become second nature. Some of you may already do this if you teach dance or fitness classes. But, because Bollywood dance has so many aspects to think about – like hands and arms and eyes – that you just don’t have in other dance styles – we’ll give you our tips on how to enhance these aspects whilst making it easy for your classes to learn from you.

Module 7 – Cool-down Fundamentals
We teach you the cool-down routine – a vital aspect of the training. We will look at various stretches inspired by yoga (and no you don’t need to be a yoga teacher to teach them) – but we show you how to seamlessly weave the stretches into a lovely, flowing and relaxing cool-down.

2) Just Jhoom! Dance DVD

7 Amazing Routines to Teach
7 fun, easy to learn and teach routines set to Bollywood tracks.

3) Bonus Modules

Bonus and Additional Information on:
Bollywood industry; Bollywood choreographers; Bollywood films; Further information on warming up and cooling down; Bonus cool-down stretches; Further structures for routines; Theory on Teaching Skills; Tips on running Hen Parties; Examples of adding Props to your classes; Cardio Dance style choreography; Catalogue of Just Jhoom! Steps; and much, much more!

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