Teach Bollywood Dance!

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Learn to Teach Bollywood Dance! by doing these 7 information-packed online modules.

With a simple step-by-step approach – and all the tips and techniques, skills and knowledge you need to teach Bollywood routines in your current classes – or set up your own new Bollywood dance classes.

  • 7 Online Theory and Practical Modules
  • 7 Online Bonus Modules

Learn with the help of videoclips, audioclips, downloadable info sheets.

  • Time efficient (each module will take a maximum of 1 hour to achieve)
  • Cost effective – one-off cost
  • Fundamental aspects – Mandatory Modules (the whole course can be completed in 7 – 10 hours – so you are ready to teach immediately! That’s less than if you attended 1 day’s training workshop!)
  • Bonus Modules – lots of interesting and useful information at your finger-tips – for you if you want/need it
  • Add Bollywood routines to your current classes (any dance/fitness class)
  • Start new Bollywood dance classes
  • NO license fee
  • Amazing tips and techniques, skills and knowledge – time-tested and proven in classes again and again
  • Empowering, inspiring and highly achievable – YES – YOU can teach Bollywood dance to friends, family and current classes
  • Immediate access to all modules when course content is released – you learn at your own pace
  • Access to resources for 1 year
  • Online Multiple Choice quizzes – marked there and then – no waiting!
  • No practical assessment.

Quote:I’ve been teaching Bollywood dance for over 20 years now – and set-up Just Jhoom! in 2010. I know what works – my full classes – and classes of instructors I have trained were testament to that.

I would love to have you on this course.
And even though it was created in 2016 it is still one of a kind, groundbreaking and it is highly do-able and achievable.

Through this training we are giving you lots of amazing tips and techniques, skills and knowledge so that you can run highly successful Bollywood dance classes.

This is truly a first!

Shalini Bhalla-Lucas – Just Jhoom! Directorquote mark close

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