Compassionate Me – Week 2 – Compassion for Friends & Family

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This week we focus on our friends and family and work at cultivating compassion towards them.
Start by viewing the video below.

PDF-file-iconNow download and print the Week 2 Worksheet
Over the week work your way through it.
Be sure to do your Meditations everyday, carry out and record your Acts of Kindness towards your friends and family, fill in your Gratitude Journal and take time to reflect on your experiences.

Additional Resources

PDF-file-iconWeek 2 – Acts of Kindness (Some Suggestions)

Week 2 – Daily Diary


This week the Metta Meditation is longer (15 minutes) – although if you are short of time, do the 5 or 7 minute versions from Week 1.
You also have an audio-clip with a simple Three Minute Breathing Meditation.
Try and practice these meditations at least once everyday this week.

Three Minute Breathing Meditation


Bonus Materials

PDF-file-iconMindful Colouring

Mandala Meditation

Week 3 of the programme can be found HERE!