Compassionate Me – Week 4 – Compassion for Nature

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This week we focus on Nature and work at cultivating compassion towards it.
Start by viewing the video below.

PDF-file-iconNow download and print the Worksheet Week 4
Over the week work your way through it.
Be sure to do your Metta Meditation from Week 1 or Week 2 and Reconnecting to Mother Earth Meditation everyday. Carry out and record your Acts of Kindness towards Nature, fill in your Gratitude Journal and take time to reflect on your experiences in your Daily Diary.

Additional Resources

PDF-file-iconWeek 4 – Acts of Kindness (Some Suggestions)

PDF-file-iconWeek 4 – Daily Diary


This week do a Metta Meditation from Week 1 or Week 2 and then the Reconnecting to Mother Earth Meditation below.

Reconnecting to Mother Earth Meditation

We spend so much time indoors in our homes, offices, shops and in cars and public transport that when we can be outdoors we should jump at the chance! By being outdoors we mean away from the roads and tarmac and pavements – in open spaces with the grass and soil under your feet.
Doing this wonderful meditation will enable Mother Earth to energise and nourish you. Reconnecting with her is vital to our wellbeing. Standing on her, absorbing her energy, breathing in fresh air, feeling the warmth of the sun on your back – well, there’s nothing better! With this meditation you will find that you are physically reconnected to the earth, your emotions and thoughts are grounded and your body and mind is relaxed and calm.

Bonus Materials

PDF-file-iconMindful Walking


A Compassionate Future!