Beccy is a Shining Light

“Beccy and I used to work for the same local dance school and when I was setting up Just Jhoom! I asked her advice about the dance and fitness industries – of which I knew so little at the time. And thus was born a professional and personal connection – that has proved one of the most important in my life. Just Jhoom! was my baby – and Beccy a huge part of that. We have travelled together, trained 100s of instructors, done workshops for 1000s. We have laughed, cried and despaired! But above all we have had a lot of fun. I will always be grateful to Beccy for being a shining, positive light in my life – and an instrumental part of my Just Jhoom! journey.” Shalini

Beccy relaxes with her two adorable dogs

With a love for dance and fitness, Beccy has been in the fitness industry for 20 years. Her own mental health journey has been helped so much by exercise. She is passionate about helping others to improve their lives through developing healthy lifestyle habits and showing that exercise is for everyone of any age, size or ability, and so beneficial to our mental wellbeing.

Beccy’s biggest challenge to date has been trying to be a positive role model for her two sons whilst being a single working mum and fighting the battle of depression. Although it hasn’t been easy, she feels that it has taught her and the boys some valuable lessons for which she feels blessed.

Beccy putting a PT client through her paces

Beccy feels that her life purpose is to help others as well as to bring up her boys as caring, loving humans who will always see the best in people and any situation they face. She strongly believes that everyone we meet has crossed our path for a reason and to teach us valuable lessons –  whether those be painful or joyful experiences.


“Feminism means treating everybody with equal respect and making sure that everyone’s voice is heard whether that be in sports, politics, relationships or the work environment. I am all about encouraging, supporting and empowering other women rather than tearing each other down as I see done a lot in the fitness industry sadly.”

Three questions for Beccy:

What legacy do you want to leave in this lifetime?
Raising two amazing boys into supportive, caring, hard working and trustworthy men.
I would also like to be remembered as someone who inspired someone to achieve or take their first step towards leading a healthier life and showing everyone that exercise can be fun!

What are you grateful for in your life?
My family. I am incredibly lucky to have the most solid, loving and sound family that anyone could wish for and am so grateful as know not everyone is blessed enough to have that. We fall out, speak our minds and don’t see each other as much as I would like but I know I am loved unconditionally and have their support in everything I do. You will not meet two more grounded people than my parents. My Dad has even cleared out the loft so myself and my siblings don’t have to do it when they die!

Tell us something that would surprise us about you?
I am a real grump and hell to live with. I am a very bubbly, energetic happy person but as my other half will tell you if I don’t eat well, exercise and have at least eight hours sleep a night I turn into a completely different beast! I get bored easily and have to be planning, goal setting or looking to better myself or I become restless.

Beccy’s message to other women is:
“That it is ok not to be ok. It is totally cool to not be the perfect mum, wife, friend and daughter and that even the best of us screw up most days. But most importantly be yourself as life is too short to be someone else.”

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