The Jhooming Nomad – New Blog

So having packed up and rented out my house – I am now on the road…

First stop London, and then Sri Lanka followed by Kenya.

So far on the list for next year I have India, Italy, Indonesia, Philippines and Switzerland…

And as I travel I want to share my experiences with you through my new blog The Jhooming Nomad. I will be blogging about everything and anything that touches me, moves me, makes me happy, makes me sad, makes an impression on me. It won’t always be beautiful – but it will always be true and authentic.

So do stick with me. Please subscribe through my new blog so that the latest blogposts will be directly delivered to your email inbox. I promise not to inundate you. But I do promise to take you on a journey that will be inspiring, informational and above all fun and joyful.

I hope you will Jhoom (Dance) with me around the world!

Much love and light

Shalini Bhalla-Lucas
The Jhooming Nomad 

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