52 Global Inspirational Women 2019

This week read about Nic and Mandy – both who have suffered great loss when close family members died. Both faced the bereavement with strength and positivity. Something I truly admire.

If you have a story to tell…
If your story will inspire other women…
If you want to be heard…
Then I want to hear from you!
Please email us

What inspires me?

Other women……

Strong, resilient, empowered women who against all odds will find a way to make a difference.

Women who are survivors. Women who are fighters. Women who do not give up when it gets tough.

That is what inspires me.

And so, I want to introduce you to some of these inspirational women who have come into my life in some way….and also meet new women on this journey.

Starting in July 2019 I will be featuring inspirational women every week on this blog.

From cancer survivors who have started businesses against all odds to conservationists working in the toughest of conditions; from athletes who have pushed their bodies to the limit to women who are championing other women – if their story moves me, touches me and inspires me – you will hear about it!

So, please do join me to meet these amazing women – and be inspired! I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Much love


Quote: Inspirational: To offer something valuable and uplifting
which motivates others to bring out the best in themselves.

To be inspirational is to lead by example and encourage others to feel
there is something worthwhile to become and do.


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