April is Stress Awareness Month

“I feel stressed…” is something we say or hear so very often…

And in these crazy times stress is something that we are feeling almost everyday.

Stress can be good. Yes – it can! So let’s not get stressed about stress.

Stress is a physical response to a stimulus that our body thinks is attacking us. Our body releases stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol – so that it is ready for “fight or flight”mode.

This then causes a number of physiological reactions including the heart beating faster, fast and shallow breathing, sweaty palms to name a few.

It is important that our body does go into this mode when we are faced with any kind of perceived danger so that we react and act accordingly.

If we go back to the time of the caveman – for example – they would be faced with a lion, their bodies would go into fight or flight mode. The release of adrenaline and cortisol would help them react accordingly. Once they were back in the safety around the fire – their stress hormone levels fell – and their bodies went back to a normal level.

However, what’s happening in today’s modern world, is our bodies seem to be constantly releasing the stress hormones – and we do not have any “downtime” from this heightened sense of danger. This is leading to our stress levels being high all the time – leading to mental health issues, inability to think clearly, high blood pressure and dis-ease in the body.

So, we must learn to control our stress – lowering it to give the mind, the body and the spirit time to heal – and when we do have high stress – perhaps using it to achieve or deal with things – but in a controlled way.

Over the month of April, I will be sharing my tips and techniques of controlling your stress – with things like mindfulness and meditations; as well as talking to different experts in their fields to see how best we can deal with stress in different situations.

Everything is on Facebook or Instagram @justjhoom

  • Mindful Monday
    • 10.30am Facebook
    • Live meditations including Metta, Chakra Healing and Animal Spirit
  • Tuesday Talks
    • 8pm Instagram
    • Chat with experts dealing with stress brought about by cancer, body image, widowhood, menopause
  • Wednesday Wisdom
    • Instagram/Facebook
    • 5-Minute Mindfulness
  • Thursday Thoughts
    • 12 noon Instagram
    • My musings on things like stress, fear and loneliness – and how I deal with all these things on a personal level
  • FeelGood Friday
    • Instagram 12.30pm
    • Conversations with practitioners who will give you stress-busting tips – getting your weekend off to a good start
  • Sensual Saturday
    • Instagram 6pm
    • Join me and relationships coach Shazmeen as we talk about sex and how to make your Saturday more sensual!
  • Sunday Self-Care
    • Instagram Story
    • I share with you my self-care tips – what keeps me sane – in mind, body and spirit!

All times are Kenyan times – the UK is 2 hours behind Kenya.