Post Diwali round up and a successful Thai/Indian soup experiment!

If you were celebrating, I hope you had a lovely Diwali this year. I love Diwali; it’s full of colour, lights, friends, family, parties, presents and sweet treats. And treats they should be! This is the time of year when our kitchen counters and refrigerators fill up with mithai (Indian sweets – cloyingly sweet, creamy, nutty and buttery), cakes, dried More →

Spiced Carrot and Ginger Soup

We went out for dinner a couple of weeks ago to celebrate a friend’s birthday. The restaurant was Thalassa, named after a primordial sea goddess in Greek Mythology. It is situated on the beautiful Mombasa creek and is the perfect location for a private party, it is beautifully designed and decorated. The menu is varied, with an extensive range of Greek, Lebanese, Italian and French fare, More →