Make a Rangoli this Diwali

This year Diwali will be celebrated on 19 October – and there are so many ways to make it special including giving presents, creating rangoli patterns, Jhooming (of course!) and eating lots of lovely food.

Creating Rangoli patterns is a tradition that is both fun and meaningful. They are considered both beautiful to look at and an auspicious bringer of good luck!

The term RANGOLI comes from “rang” which means colour and “avalli” (creepers). Designs come in all shapes and sizes – but are usually symmetrical and geometric in shape drawn with lines that may be straight or wavy and rounded on the edges. Designs are created on the floor using coloured rice, flowers or coloured sand. Rangoli is often inspired by nature – including birds such as peacocks, fruit such as mangoes, flowers and trees.

Google the word Rangoli and you will come up with so much more information about it and literally hundreds of photos.

The clip below shows how you can create a simple rangoli – either yourself or with your children – or all of you together! We hope you enjoy creating these colourful, fun patterns.

Happy Diwali!

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