Strength, Power, Wisdom! International Women’s Day


“I am determined. I am focused. I am unwavering.”

Behind that steely determination is a hint of a smile that makes for a raw combination of tenacity and vulnerability.

This is a woman’s strength!



“I am bold. I am daring. I am audacious.”

Whatever life throws her way she will face it, she will fight it, she will force it to bend to her whim.

This is a woman’s power!



“I am sanguine. I am mysterious. I am beguiling.”

Optimistic with a slight look of trepidation brought about by the lessons thrown at her by life. Inscrutable, cautious and bewitching in equal measure.

This is a woman’s wisdom!


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Photographs: © 2019, Sian Tyrrell @siantphoto for The Powdered Lens @thepowderedlens
Make-up: Declan Scammell @declanscammell for The Powdered Lens
Photograph Model: Shalini Bhalla-Lucas