Last Just Jhoom! Class in Cranleigh

And so it was…the last Just Jhoom! class in Cranleigh. After teaching Bollywood dance there since 2005, and launching Just Jhoom! in 2010, I taught my last Just Jhoom! class on Saturday 14 September 2019. It really felt like an end of an era!

For 2 hours, Jhoomers and Just Jhoom! Instructors jhoomed to 24 Bollywood tunes. From the ubiquitous Jhoom Baraber Jhoom warm-up to the spiritual Laal Ish cool-down, from old favourites Zoobi Doobi and Ale to new tracks Monabina and Sweetheart, from the DVD hit Ainvayi Ainvayi to the evocative Meer-e-Karawaan – we did it all! And I was so lucky to have team taught with Beccy, Simon and Heidi – three friends and fellow instructors. There was much laughter…a lot of sweat…and of course tears at the end.

Life for me will never be the same!

My Just Jhoom! classes have seen me through my happiest times and definitely through my darkest times. And, it would not be an exaggeration to say that if it hadn’t been for my classes I might not be alive today. My classes were my lifeline when I was grieving Jeremy – my one reason for leaving the house.

Dancing (Jhooming) is part of me. And so, even though I leave a big part of me behind in Cranleigh, I know that I will be Jhooming wherever I go in the world! So much so, that I have now created a new blog so that you can follow me as I Jhoom around the world. More about this soon!

But for now, I want to say THANK YOU to my Jhoomers and Instructors for all the wonderful Jhooming years. I will hold you all in my heart – and will always be grateful to you.

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