Remembering Jeremy by Just Jhoom! Instructor Nathalie Cuzner

When I first trained as a Just Jhoom! instructor, it became very clear from the start that Just Jhoom! was much more than just another dance fitness craze; rather, it was something pretty special that had evolved from the hearts and souls of real people.

I soon discovered that the bond between the Creators, Directors and Instructors was like a Just Jhoom! family (aka our Jhoomily) and at the head of this Jhoomily was one of life’s true gems, Jeremy Lucas.

Jeremy was not only the Director of Just Jhoom!, but the Dad of this family, and we couldn’t have wished for a better Dad! (Some instructors called him Papa Jhoom!)

In life we are sometimes lucky enough for our paths to cross with people who have a gift. A gift of always making you smile, of always making you feel that life is good, of making you feel that you matter and that what you are doing counts, of encouraging you in a gentle but reassuring way, of supporting you and of being proud of you. Jeremy was one of those people and he had this gift and gave it to so many people, not least his Just Jhoom! instructors. 

Always there at every event, with both his camera and his smile, Jeremy supported Shalini and her instructors in a humble and quiet manner, ensuring he never stole the limelight yet always making sure he captured every special moment.

I think I speak on behalf of all the Just Jhoom! Instructors when I say that our Jhoomily will never be quite the same again since the sad loss of Jeremy earlier this year. I, for one, still cannot believe that Jeremy has gone and that I won’t get to see him, his kindness and his smile again.

Finally, from myself and all the instructors, I would like to thank you Jeremy, for being the best Dad and for making our Just Jhoom! journeys more memorable and more special, not only from your practical support, but by simply being you.

Tribute blogpost by Nathalie Cuzner, Just Jhoom! Gold Instructor


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