Testimonial by Healing Client Nafisa

Did I achieve what I wanted to on Shalini’s 3-month A-Z Holistic Healing Programme? Nope!

Hang on, let me explain…

I initially signed up for this program with Shalini with some pretty specific expectations of what I wanted to fix, what I thought the issues that were the cause of my troubles were, and exactly what success on the program would look like for me.

But I couldn’t have been more wrong.

What actually came up during our sessions took me by complete surprise and what I ended up achieving was far beyond anything I could have anticipated. You know how you hear about people who wish and pray for that one thing in their life, that they know with absolute conviction will change their lives for the better once they have it? That was me. I thought I knew exactly what I needed for my life to change, exactly what would be the catalyst for change in almost every other aspect of my life, and exactly what success in achieving this would look like. But, as it happens, that wasn’t the case at all!

I hadn’t bargained for how Shalini would use her intuition and varied set of skills to drill down and unearth the ‘real issues’ that were causing emotional pain, stagnation, and discontent in my life, as well as how these were linked to my many physical symptoms. She patiently and painstakingly worked with me to address the core concerns, one by one, guiding me through numerous breakthroughs and helping me gain a true understanding and greater awareness of myself. Consequently, I have broken long-standing negative patterns of behaviour that I never thought I’d be able to change, and have discovered a sense of self-worth, the likes of which I don’t ever recall having. A number of the physical ailments that were present when I began the program also either dissipated or disappeared entirely.

It’s clear that Shalini possesses an extraordinary gift, and her gut sense is almost always right. I think what truly sets her apart is her expansive skill set in numerous healing modalities. But what made me feel immediately at ease when we began working together was how she approached our sessions with an open heart, was super patient, and always showed me so much compassion. She tailored each session to address exactly what I needed and I could tell how much work she put into always being entirely prepared for each session. Her dedication and commitment to my personal growth and healing were evident every step of the way.

This program certainly hasn’t been a magic pill that turned my life right overnight. It’s taken hard work from my end, and it continues to do so as I journey through this thing called life. But I feel like I’ve now been equipped with the correct set of tools to help me navigate the trying times that almost certainly will continue to present themselves. The awareness that Shalini has helped me achieve is a game-changer for changing the perception with which I view challenges and therefore how I address them.

People around me are now constantly commenting on how different and radiant I seem – although they can never quite pinpoint what they think it is about me that’s changed. But I know what it is… it’s that I’m smiling from the inside for the first time in a long while.

I can’t express how incredibly grateful I am to Shalini for everything she’s done over these 3 months. Thanks to her guidance and healing, I’ve been introduced to a version of myself that I’m continually falling in love with more and more each day.