Testimonial by Healing Client Shilpa

I had one session with Shalini, and it was so powerful that I still feel the effects of it a few days after!

I appreciate it very much, the fact that we had a chance to talk in detail before going into the healing room.

Shalini carefully explained to me what to expect, and so when the release of my emotions began, I felt very safe and okay. I believe I ended up processing 17 years of memories from my old house and I’m now ready to create new memories as we just moved recently.

I think the combination of techniques with your own style, the Bollywood music, your special touch, all I know about your own life and what you have overcome… as well as our friendship. Well it allowed my system to process 17 years of memories and to release some very deep stuck emotions. THANK YOU!

Am grateful. And I do recommend this to anyone who wants to do some deep work on our “unseen” bodies. “The body doesn’t lie” – and here’s a way to listen to it.

Shalini was very supportive for a few days after the session, checking in and following up as the full integration took place.

Am very grateful 🙏🏽