Live like a Kenyan!

Jump like a Maasai
Run like a Kalenjin
Speak like a Luo
Eat like a Luhya
Bargain like a Kikuyu
Work like a Mkamba
Dance like a Giriama
Travel like a Mzungu
Trade like a Muindi
Chill like the Waswahili
Live like a Kenyan

 Thus reads a T-shirt that I bought on my travels in Kenya.

And in the week that I’ve been back I just can’t settle back into the daily grind of work. I know, I know. It’s always like that when you get back from holiday. But this time it’s different!

Going back to the country where I was born filled me with some very mixed emotions. I was excited to be going back – but apprehensive at the same time!

My first impressions of Nairobi, as many of you know, were not good! But, the more time we spent travelling around Kenya– and we did travel loads – the more I realised just how special Kenya is!

Spending time in Mombasa brought back a lot of childhood memories.  Swimming in the warm Indian Ocean, walking on the white sands, eating mogo crisps at the Lighthouse….

In Nairobi we spent a lot of time with friends and family – and it was great to reconnect.

Perhaps the most memorable time we had was driving from Nairobi to Samburu in my sister’s Gypsy – an experience in itself.  But, the drive up was so scenic and constantly changing that the 8 hours it took us to get up there really flew by! We had a quick stop in Nanyuki (more about that in another post) and then once we were in Samburu we spent a couple of hours in the park.

I’ll write about my experiences in Samburu separately – there is so much to tell and so many photos to share….

Which brings me back to my new T-shirt…. In the UK my life is dominated by work. Running your own business means that the work/life balance goes out the window. I’m very lucky that I do what I love to do – dance and teach others to dance…. But, I am very aware that if it is not about Just Jhoom! then it is not a priority in my life!
People in Kenya seem to have the work/life balance sorted. They work really, really hard….but they do have time for their friends, families and for themselves – hence “Living Like a Kenyan” holds much appeal!

Perhaps I will hang the T-shirt up where I can see it – and try to embody some of those sentiments! I’ll let you know how I get on….

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