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Westgate Mall Images


westgate-mall-children-3Images are powerful things.

A single image can evoke strong emotions.

They remind us of times – both happy and sad.

These are the images from the Westgate Mall siege that have really stayed with me – a mother protecting her baby from harm – the fear in her face all to palpable; a young girl running towards the safety of a police officer – alone and vulnerable; and a mother on the floor with her children – are they too scared to move – or are they dead?

So when I watched this clip (Nairobi Attack – Family rescued from Kenya Mall) I could not help but shed a tear.

The bravery of the policeman, the terrified expression of the little girl, the innocence of the baby and the people from the floor above urging the woman – paralysed with fear – to get up “Amka Mama” – “Get up Mama”.  All emotions welling up at the same time – fear for the children, pride in the policeman, gratitude and happiness that the family were safe, anger at those who had caused this atrocity….

And, as I read this in The Telegraph – I feel HOPE…
“The details and the pictures that will emerge from Nairobi in the next few days will be harrowing, but do not judge by appearances. Kenya’s story is one of resilience, not fragility: it has recovered from al-Qaeda’s ravages in the past and will do so again!”


When my sister – a true out and out Kenyan read my first blog in this series – she was incensed! Being very protective about Kenya, she questioned how I, a visitor, could write such negative comments about Nairobi– and she was upset at the thought of me putting these comments into the public domain. So, this really got me More →

Going back…

I’ve been really rather remiss with my blog entries these last few months. Life as always seems to have taken over – and the enjoyable things like spending time with friends and loved ones, going out for meals, reading and…. blogging often take a back seat. As many of you know Just Jhoom! is my life – and I spend More →