Being Mother – Jeremy Lucas Education Fund

Educating youth, empowering communities, encouraging conservation

“When people ask me if Jeremy and I had children together – I say no. But the reality is that we now have 16!”

The Jeremy Lucas Education Fund (JLEF) is now in its third year and is going from strength to strength. JLEF currently supports 16 young people in secondary and tertiary education in northern Kenya.  Ten of the students are in secondary school, three are in college, one at university and two students are doing internships with Ewaso Lions. For these young people, affording further education and all the associated costs would be impossible. The continued support that JLEF will give them until they secure jobs means that they are looking towards positive, bright futures where they can look forward to successful careers in their chosen fields.

“I see each and everyone of these young people as my children. I worry about them, I get nervous when their exam results are due and I feel pure happiness when they do well in school or college. I know that Jeremy looks over them and gives them his blessing too.”

Shalini Bhalla-Lucas

Meet Joy and Saniki
These bright, young girls completed their last year of secondary school education, both achieving good grades in their final exams. They each did an internship programme with Ewaso Lions in 2018, one teaching Mama Simba ladies whilst the other worked for the Lion Kids Camp. With full support from JLEF, both girls started college in September 2018. Saniki is working towards a Certificate in Tour Guiding at the Coast Institute of Technology whilst Joy is on a Social Work and Community Development Diploma Course at Mount Kenya University.

“I like college because it is a place where I am gaining skills and knowledge for my future career in the tourism industry. As a professional in this industry I will also be able to help in wildlife conservation – and the conservation of lions in particular.”
Saniki Lelengeju

 “I continue to tell the students that one of the key to success is discipline to work hard at all times. I am so proud of all their achievements and love inspiring and mentoring them to be the best that they can be and to take full advantage of this amazing opportunity of education that they have been given.”
Evanson Kariuki – Co-ordinator & Mentor for JLEF


 More information about the Jeremy Lucas Education Fund can be found HERE