Going back…

I’ve been really rather remiss with my blog entries these last few months.

Life as always seems to have taken over – and the enjoyable things like spending time with friends and loved ones, going out for meals, reading and…. blogging often take a back seat.

As many of you know Just Jhoom! is my life – and I spend a lot of time – in fact most of my time working on it, teaching it, thinking about it….it really is all-consuming!

Well for the next two weeks I’ll be thinking about Just Jhoom! but from foreign shores. Or maybe not so foreign – because I am going back to my birthplace – Kenya.

It’s been 12 years since I last went there – I’m not quite sure where time has flown. I must say I am looking forward to it – meeting family and getting  reacquainted with old friends. We have a lot planned. The day after we land, we will be driving down to Mombasa and then a few days later safari in Tsavo, back  to Nairobi for  the weekend and then drive up to Samburu for 4 days of safari luxury at the superb Sasaab.

At all times, Just Jhoom! will not be far. I am literally taking a mobile office with me so that I can continue to work at least for an hour everyday – the joys of technology! But, more importantly, I am going to do two  Masterclasses at Bodyworks at the Bahari Beach Hotel on the Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Apparently both classes were booked up within days of them being advertised.

Also, my sister Shivani who is a lion conservationist in Samburu, is organising for me to do some dancing with the local Samburu warriors and some school children. I am very excited about that!

Learning to dance in KenyaIt feels like I am going full circle – it is in Kenya that I first started dancing – and now I am going back and taking Just Jhoom! with me.

I am going to try, I’m not making any promises, but I’m really going to try and give you a blog entry every other day from Kenya to tell you how it is going! Note I didn’t say everyday!!  So please do stick with me and do read and comment the blog – it will be great to hear what you think.

So for now I’ll say “Kwaheri” until Sunday when I land in Kenya.

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