7-Year Old Isaac Runs For Charity

Many of you have followed the whole cancer journey with me and Jeremy. And last week I learnt that a young man was running one mile for Race for Life – raising money for Cancer Research UK.

This was as part of Park Mead’s fundraising efforts to raise £100 for the charity – in fact, as of this morning they had raised just over £2500.

Well, 7-year old Isaac decided he would run in memory of his Great Grandma who died of breast cancer before he was born, and his Great Uncle Steve who died of pancreatic cancer a few years ago.  He was also running in support his friend Jake who is also battling cancer at a very young age and also, and we are so touched by this – for Jeremy.

Isaac wanted to raise a personal total of £100 – and by Saturday morning he had raised £150. Well over his personal total.

At Just Jhoom!’s 6th birthday party I asked everyone to make a small donation so that we could get him up to £200. Well the Just Jhoom! team, Jhoomers and Jhoom! Friends were super generous – and we managed to raise £200 to add to Isaac’s £150. Making Isaac’s total fundraising amount to £350. Well done Isaac – we are all so proud of you!

We’ve already made the donation – but if you want to add to it – here is the link again. All the money goes to Cancer Research UK.




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