New Just Jhoom! Website

I am thrilled that I can finally unveil our new Just Jhoom! website.

The old website was wonderful for when we first started the company, but we have moved on from those early days into a company that is about so much more than just Bollywood dance-fitness. And, we needed a new, fresh and bright website to reflect our new beginnings. And we now have one!

When I first started Just Jhoom! in 2010, it was very much about bringing dance and fitness together to create a workout that was fun, energetic and enabled people to get fit and healthy. And, the programme we have developed still does that. But as time has moved on, the business has gone through its ups and downs – and my own personal life has thrown me some hugely difficult challenges. Suddenly life has taken on a completely different meaning and my priorities have changed. And so, I am now taking Just Jhoom! in the direction I feel is right for it as a company and for me as the Founder.

I truly believe that the dance-fitness programme we have created can change lives – and has done so. It is such an engaging way to take part in movement and feel energised and worked out. It is so mindful in its very being with someone being completely absorbed in the feet, arm, hand moves when they are in a class. I will continue to champion this programme by supporting our current Just Jhoom! Instructors and launching our new Teach Bollywood Dance programme in Summer 2016 so that we can continue to spread the Joys of Jhoom! to people all over the world.

But, over the last few years, as I have battled with depression, I have also found the need to calm my mind and go to a place of stillness. I have found that I can do that by practicing mindfulness and meditation. And, as always I have wanted to share my experiences with others – by speaking about and teaching these life-changing practices. So Just Jhoom! will now encompass Just Mindfulness! – teaching people mindfulness and meditation techniques through my classes, online courses and other speaking opportunities.

Campaigning for mental health issues and raising awareness is something I am passionate about – and I will continue to do this through Just Jhoom! Dance and Just Mindfulness!

Finally, and perhaps less well known is my work as a healer. Over the last 2 years I have been training to be a healer, using the energy from around me and within me to give healing to people. It is something I am keen to develop. I will also be doing further work on my own spiritual development – whilst also talking more about spirituality in general to a wider audience.

So, as you can see, Just Jhoom! has now become a company that focuses on all three aspects of your wellbeing –  physical, mental and spiritual.

Through our classes and online training programmes we hope to inspire, nurture and empower you to make a difference in your life. If you want to get physically healthier – learn to Jhoom! or to teach dance and inspire others. If you want to calm your mind and learn to cope with stress or anxiety – join our mindfulness programmes. If you want to expand your knowledge of Indian culture and its vast spiritual traditions – then embark on one of our courses. And as always, continue to engage with us here via our blog and on our social media platforms. We promise to be very active on those from now on!


The mind, the body and the spirit are all integrated. All three aspects need to be in alignment for you to feel true health and wellbeing. And, by continuing to engage with us, share and learn, you can create the vitality and energy that will enable you to enjoy true harmony of your mind, body and spirit.

My wish for you is to be healthy and happy – so do take a look at our website – I am sure you will find something of interest there for you.

With loving kindness and best wishes




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