Bollywood music for dance-fitness

Music is such a subjective thing!
Some of the stuff I listen to my friends can’t stand – and vice versa!
So, when it comes to choosing music for Just Jhoom! dance-fitness classes – I can honestly say it is a daunting task! Imagine a room full of women – and the occasional man – all from various backgrounds, a range of ages – and all with different tastes in music….and they all have to dance to the music you have chosen!
I’m lucky in that I narrow my music down to one genre – Bollywood music. And let’s face it – there is a huge variety. Bollywood churns out tracks by the hundreds a year – some mindblowingly good – but many pretty forgettable – and a huge number of turkeys too!
I have quite a few criteria which also cut out some tracks – like no swear words, no references to God, no raunchy sounds like kissing and heavy breathing – sorry guys! And the song needs to be catchy enough with a good beat to get everyone moving – and also, I need to know that I will be able to live with the song for at least 6 months!
So already you can see one begins to narrow the choice.
My favourite song at the moment is the catchy title track from I Hate Luv Storys – definitely one to get you up and moving.
But, I know that I’m missing out on a lot of other songs out there….I just don’t get a chance to listen to everything!
If you have any suggestions of good Bollywood songs that I could use for the forthcoming Just Jhoom! classes and training courses then please do let me know…..!

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