Just Jhoom! – 9 Years on…

As we mark 9 years of Just Jhoom! I thought it was prudent to highlight some of the main changes that the company has gone through in the past year or so… Thank you for all your support these past 9 years. I hope you will continue to accompany me on wherever the Just Jhoom! journey takes us next….

Why we became Just Jhoom! Instructors


As freelance dance and fitness professionals we are always looking for new ways to feel inspired and further our skills and experience as dance-fitness teachers and when something new comes on the market it is important to assess whether it is a programme worth investing in and will provide what we require as creative individuals.

When we discovered Just Jhoom! we were hooked right from the start! Not only was this dance-fitness programme so much more than just ‘steps’, but the vibrancy that each class brings immerses you in the glamorous Bollywood culture whilst really increasing your fitness.
What’s fabulous about Just Jhoom! is that although appealing to teachers who come from a dance background, many of the instructors come from a fitness background – and are still able to teach Just Jhoom! with no problems at all. The training is truly first-rate.
Also, the quality and attention to detail in this fitness programme is second to none and it is fantastic that there is potential to teach young children (Junior Jhoom!) all the way to the elderly (Forever Jhoom!). Not to mention those fitness fanatics who want something more high -impact (Bhangra Jhoom!) or those who just want to learn some Bollywood dancing (Just Jhoom! Dance).

There really is something for everyone in Just Jhoom! and with this in mind we are giving you our top 5 reasons to teach Just Jhoom!…

1. Different to other styles – The Bollywood-inspired body and mind workout fuses fitness and Bollywood dancing drawing on a range of dance styles from classical Indian to Bhangra with dashes of hip-hop, jive and jazz. It works the upper body without weights and more unusually exercises the all-important but usually neglected hand muscles. It is a real celebration of Bollywood culture with authentic, vibrant music and classical hand gestures.

2. Keeping fit – Just Jhoom! is energetic, loads of fun and very tongue in cheek. Your classes are guaranteed to get a great workout from the top of their heads to the tips of their toes, especially if they can master the Bollywood head! One can burn between 450 – 500 calories per hour in a typical class but some have even reached 900 calories in a Bhangra Jhoom! (high intensity) session!

3. Accessible to anyone and everyone! –Just Jhoom! appeals to anyone, with a range of different programmes on offer it will certainly put a smile on everyone’s faces and increases their wellbeing. There are also opportunities to get involved with charity events and fundraisers whether you are an instructor or participant. Keep an eye out it’s definitely worth attending one of these special extravaganzas!

4. Jhoomily – Become part of the fabulous ‘Jhoomily’ (Just Jhoom! family) the friendly supportive community of Just Jhoom! instructors and class goers! Your fellow instructors are always available to give help, advice and share ideas. The Just Jhoom! HQ team are also extremely approachable and willing to assist whenever you need encouragement or guidance.

5. Gain a nationally recognised qualification and earn extra income – Just Jhoom! can fit around you and your current job/lifestyle as a 2nd or part-time job. You are your own boss and can manage your classes to suit you. Many teachers have started out Just Jhooming as a part time job and are now full-time dance fitness teachers! Do you have a fitness/dance qualification? If not then visit www.emdacademy.org to book yourself onto a Just Jhoom! Level 2 Qualification course. If you are already a qualified dance or fitness professional you can attend Just Jhoom!’s fantastic, comprehensive 2-day Bronze course which is accredited by REPS for 16 CPD points. More info on both courses can be found on www.justjhoom.co.uk

Chloe Hunter & Lindsay Wingate, Just Jhoom! Instructors, County Development Officers for the Exercise, Movement & Dance Partnership and Freelance dance & fitness teachers.

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Free to Dance

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Filming of the first Just Jhoom! Dance-Fitness DVD

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What a year 2010 has been….

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Music in Just Jhoom! Classes

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