First Spinal Energetics Practitioner in Africa

Spinal Energetics came on to my radar earlier this year via social media. And what I saw blew me away. Here was a modality that looked amazing and seemed to be getting fantastic results in releasing trapped resistance, tension and trauma in people’s bodies. Developed in Australia by chiropractor and counsellor Dr Sarah Jane, Spinal Energetics combines Eastern and Western More →

Z is for Zzzzz

😴Yes, it’s time to talk about that all-important sleep and nurturing bedtime rituals to get blissful sleep!😴 🌙As a Holistic Healer, I want to share some suggestions for you to create your own bedtime rituals and routine that can transform your sleep into a restorative sanctuary. 🌙Here are some suggestions – but remember, create a routine that works for you!🌙 More →

Y is for Yoga

💫Did you know that yoga can be a powerful tool for trauma release? 💫Cultivating a yoga practice gives you permission, time and space to cultivate a relationship with your body and your breath. 💫Through gentle movements, deep breathing, and mindfulness, yoga offers a safe and nurturing space to heal emotional wounds and release stored trauma. 💫By connecting with our bodies More →

X is for eXpert

💫I want to share something beautiful with you today – the belief that you are the ultimate eXpert of your own healing. 💫Each of us possesses an innate wisdom that guides us towards balance and wellbeing. It’s a remarkable gift we all carry within. And as a holistic healer, I am here to offer my assistance and support as you More →

W is for Writing Therapy

Here are 5 different ways to harness the power of words for healing and personal growth. 1️⃣Journaling is like having a heartfelt conversation with yourself. Create a safe space where you can reflect on your experiences, set goals, and explore your deepest desires. Pour your dreams, aspirations, and gratitude onto the pages of your journal, and witness the incredible transformation More →

V is for Vagus Nerve

💫The vagus nerve, also known as the “wandering nerve,” is one of the longest nerves in our body. It starts from the base of our brain and branches out like a network, reaching various organs such as the heart, lungs, digestive system, and even the ears, throat, and tongue. It’s like a superhighway of communication! 💫Acting as a vital part More →

U is for Universal Messages

✨✨In the cosmic symphony of life, the universe speaks to us in subtle yet profound ways. 🌟The question is: “Are you listening?”🌟 👂Silence Speaks: Amid the chaos, find a moment of quietude. In the hush of the universe’s whispers, profound messages are waiting to be heard. 💫Signs Everywhere: From a chance encounter to a fleeting rainbow, the universe paints its More →

T is for Trauma Healing

Trauma sits in our body – and it is important to process it otherwise it can manifest in so many ways – including dis-ease and chronic illness, mental health issues, chronic pain and fatigue. To help you heal from trauma I utilise a number of techniques including: ✨Advanced Integrative Therapy: A holistic approach to trauma healing by integrating various therapeutic More →