Chapter 10 – Cold Rain on Red Earth (Excerpt 7)

A paragraph from Chapter 10

After years of travelling all over the world, there was only one place I wanted to return to. I missed the friendliness of the Kenyan people, their melodious language, the changing, dramatic weather and the beauty of the landscape. From its bountiful national parks teeming with exotic wildlife, to its bustling coastline and cool mountain regions, Kenya is a vast and extraordinary mix of geography and culture. Childhood memories of visiting Maasai Mara, Amboseli and Nakuru National Parks where we would see cheetahs, lions and elephants would surface every so often back in England and I felt strongly that I wanted to share these experiences with Jeremy. I wanted him to visit my birthplace and see for himself all the wonders I grew up with. This was a huge part of me, after all, and I felt that it was high time I took him home. As for my parents, well, I knew it would be nice for us all to meet again but I didn’t hold out too much hope of a reconciliation.

Significance of this excerpt:

It was 2011. Just Jhoom! had really taken off and Jeremy and I had been together for nearly 15 years, but I felt a deep yearning within me for something that I hadn’t seen or experienced in a long time. I missed home. Kenya – the land of my birth – was such a vital part of my history, but I hadn’t realised to what extent until it had disappeared from my life. So, in 2012, I took Jeremy to Kenya….

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