Chapter 12 – A Setback (Excerpt 8)

A paragraph from Chapter 12

My head was full of that one word: cancer. Jeremy sat, as still as a statue, next to me. He remained fully composed and focused on the consultant’s words. He spoke occasionally, to ask questions, but I couldn’t take anything in. Tears streaked down my cheeks. A kindly assistant offered me a tissue and put a comforting arm around my shoulders as the consultant ushered us out of his office. It was all over in a flash and the next thing I knew we were getting back into the car. Jeremy took my hand and squeezed it tight.

Significance of this excerpt:

On 31st July 2014 Jeremy was diagnosed with renal cancer. His diagnosis was a complete shock to us both.
Here I describe the moments after the consultant very calmly and matter-of-factly told us thet Jeremy had a 5cm tumour on his kidney. Even to this day, those moments seem surreal to me – as if they were happening to someone else.
But, after the initial shock, we both felt calmer. Whatever happened, I was convinced that Jeremy would beat this disease. He was a strong, healthy man – he didn’t smoke, he didn’t drink much and we had a healthy diet. If anybody could beat it, it was him.
From then on, I began to learn everything I could about cancer – reading books, watching programmes and scouring the internet for cures, miracle stories, solutions!
Cancer had come into our lives unbidden but we wouldn’t lie down and accept its presence. We would chase it away with everything in our power.

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