Chapter 14 – A Secret Ceremony (Excerpt 9)

A paragraph from Chapter 14

As I gazed into Jeremy’s eyes, everything around us seemed to melt away. We could have been alone or surrounded by a thousand people – I wouldn’t have noticed. All I saw was him….

It was Tuesday 18 November 2014, just two months after Jeremy’s operation and 17 and a half years since we first met. I hadn’t expected to feel like this about marriage. I hadn’t expected the moment to be so meaningful. The truth was that, after years of insisting I would never marry, I had now finally agreed to marry Jeremy for rather more prosaic reasons.

Significance of this excerpt:

Jeremy and I got married in secret! It was a decision we made together. Marriage had never been important to either of us. For us, marriage was made in our hearts the day we decided to commit to each other for the rest of our lives.  The love that we had for each other was far bigger than all the traditional rituals or practical necessities that society or the law imposed on us. But Jeremy was a realist and he knew that this meant nothing in the eyes of the law. It does not accept the concept of a common-law-wife. And so, to be practical, we felt it was important to take the legal step, though in our hearts and minds we had already been married for many years.

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