Chapter 9 – Just Jhoom! (Excerpt 6)

A paragraph from Chapter 9

Just like Just Jhoom!, Jeremy and I shared a relationship that took the best of both our worlds and combined them together to create something entirely new. My mother’s fears of us experiencing a culture clash and a lack of common understanding proved to be unfounded. Jeremy and I enhanced each other’s understanding and embraced our cultural differences, not just in a superficial sense, like enjoying food or dress, but on a deeper level we embraced even the subtlest nuances of each other’s cultural heritage.

Significance of this excerpt:

Just Jhoom! was more than just a business for me. It was something that both Jeremy and I worked on together – and both had a lot of pride in. I could never had achieved all I had without his support. One of the earliest concerns my mother had about my relationship with Jeremy was how different our backgrounds were – he being English; me Indian; the age difference; his divorce…and on it went. But, Jeremy and I very quickly found a way of bringing both our cultures and values together – to create an understanding that was unique to us. When creating Just Jhoom! I did the same. The best of Indian culture, western ideas and dancing and fitness…. I suppose the message here is don’t be afraid to be different. Don’t be scared to carve out your own path. We are all unique, and so must our journeys be….

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